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cobo.jpgTouched by bad agricultural policy of Croatian government i need to share my anger with my keyboard and small group of my friends. Today i was watched on TV minister of agriculture (just after lunch) and i almost throw up because his verbal diarrhea. He said that we must have massive production, on one side, but on the other side rural people don’t have access to land, because government sell’s that land to big company’s and now they will rest of good land sell to foreign people, but for minister that is not so big problem, because, he said:” big fish eat small fish”. Bravo for that smart words! Government want to encourage people to build big farms with foreign bank credit’s and then they they aloud to foreign companies to import meat from Roumania, Argentina…….. So, our tourist’s during this hot day’s swim in Adriatic sea and they are eating good “organic food”, made in…….., and rest of us, rural people, swimming in deep problems and SHIT, made by: CROATIAN GOVERNMENT



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