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slavonski_brod00511.jpgCroatian agriculture finds itself on a crossroads that opens numerous questions and offers multiple solutions. Globalization within firm, close and permanent connection of organized human activities obtrudes some new standards which Croatia can Liberalization of agricultural trade is the issue often used for intimidation of agricultural producers. In Croatia they are quite numerous and considering the fact that their holdings are on the average very small, they certainly have reason for their concern. Growing expectations of the consumers regarding the safety and quality of food are becoming an increasing challenge for producers. Beside that, consumers around the world may well expect that only the productions which take care of the environment and guarantee a sustainable development will survive. Farmers and producers expect an on-target support by the state in ensuring adequate working and living conditions in rural areas. At that, strengthening of the role of the market and building of an efficient and competitive economy implicitly include less of the taxpayer’s money for fulfillment of the numerous goals of the agricultural policy. That will be hard to accomplish, some would say it is almost impossible. However, on countless occasions in the history the Croatian rural areas demonstrated an extraordinary tenacity and power of endurance. Global trend of market liberalization and claims of the public imposed the necessity for comprehensive agricultural reform. Convinced that it is inevitable and much needed we approached the reform without hesitation. The goal was strengthening the role of the market and building of efficient economy, with food quality insurance and sustainable development; which can cope with the competition on the domestic as well as on the international market. Croatia has set political, regional and economic cooperation with the Stabilization and Association agreement. EU Council defined the date for accession negotiations for Croatia which affirmed our competence to bare the challenges of the integration process. Agriculture is an important part of the EU, accounting for a good third of the acquis communaitaire that the candidates have to adopt, implement and enforce. Considering that, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water management elaborated strategic development projects which are directed on enhancing domestic productivity, especially high-income cultures. Raising perennial plantation and cattle production development, with irrigation, are matters of high priorities in our Ministry. This is our great opportunity to make use of the potential that we undoubtedly have in numerous branches of agriculture, forestry, fishery, and water management. Croatia is a country with luxuriant natural resources unpolluted fertile land and plentitude of water recourses. On these areas high quality food is being produced, satisfying all ecological requirements. The accent is on traditional products which already have their place on the world market. 1 am convinced that numerous tourists, who visit our country, highly respect the fruits of land and sea that can be tasted in this corner of Europe. The hardworking people, farmers and fishermen are the priceless treasure of Croatia, and they have made a huge progress even in the hardest war conditions. We are determined to invest our energy and knowledge in creating better solutions, in constant training, and open dialog, because Croatia sees its future in Europe- where it belongs.



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