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Today is almost end of week, for people who work, so i dont want to annoy You more with GMO, and other equal things. For finish this subject, i just want to introduce You with Croatian sight to GMO.

There are now 12 GMO-free counties (out of a total of 20 counties, plus the City of Zagreb, which has not declared itself GMO-free yet) in Croatia. The first district that was declared GMO-free was Istria, followed by Slavonski Brod- Posavina, Sisak- Moslavina, Bjelovar- Bilogora, Dubrovnik- Neretva, Krapina- Zagorje, Koprivnica- Krizevci, Primorje- Gorski Kotar, Virovitica- Podravina & Slavonia- Pozega. The most recent declarations have been made by Karlovac County and Zadar County. The Croatian Parliament has adopted several laws regulating GMOs. These new laws, which are in some aspects stricter than EU law, are highly important since they can set a precedent for making GMO laws in the Balkans and in other (non-EU) parts of Central and Eastern Europe, where the regulation of GMOs is currently very weak or completely lacking.

The Croatian laws entered into force in spite of pressure by the US, which in 2001 threatened Croatia with WTO action if it went ahead with its restrictive policies on GMOs. A new law on GMOs came into force during 2005, which has many positive points, such as banning the release of GMOs in protected areas and their buffer zones, in areas of organic farming and in areas that are of importance to ecotourism. This provides a legal tool for counties to effectively declare themslves GMO-free. The law provides no labelling threshold but this has been set at 0.9% for food and 0% for seeds by means of a separate government regulation. The weak points of the law are the poorly-defined public participation provisions and the fact that the labelling threshold is not included in the law but could be changed at the whim of the health Minister with no public or parliamentary discussion. To date, in Croatia no permits have been granted for the deliberate release of GMOs – either for field trials or commercial cultivation, and no food or feed products containing GMOs have been approved. Wednesday August 9, 2006 – 09:19pm (CEST) Permanent Link | 0 Comments



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