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As one of the most significant wine regions in continental Croatia, Slavonia is characterized by mild climate and fertile soil, and is the region with the highest quantitative opportunities for the growing of vineyards and the production of high-quality wines. The whole region is characterized by temperate continental climate with mild, rarely cold winters, and comfortably warm, at times hot, summers with semi-arid periods. As a result of the favorable natural conditions, the yielded grapes are completely ripe and structurally rich. The Slavonski Brod wine-growing region spreads out on an area of 80 kilometers, along the valley of the river Sava in the south and to the small hills of Dilj in the north. Most vineyards are located in the southern skirts of Dilj in the opposite side of the vast valley of Sava and 1.000 hectares of fish farms. Thanks to the latter, a very specific microclimate is formed which is what makes the region so special.a.jpg Nature substratums of diluvial clay remaining from the Pannonian sea have throughout the long and stormy history of the region served as an ideal shelter for the noble vine. About Slavonski Brod -Located in the eastern part of Croatia, Slavonski Brod is the center of the Brodsko-posavski region. Its excellent geographic position, mild continental climate, fertile soil and its proximity to the river Sava are only some of the reasons why this region has been populated in as early as the prehistoric ages. The word ”brod” has initially meant a place where the water can be crossed, and has later changed its meaning to “a vehicle with the help of which the water can be crossed.” The name of the Croatian town Brod situated on the river Sava was noticed for the first time in the letters of the Hungaro-Croatian king Bell IV. It was initially mentioned under the name Villa Brod, later as Brod upon Sava, and finally since 1934 has been referred to as Slavonski Brod. Until the mid-19th century Brod was a place with barely emerging civil-class society characterized by small ground houses, wooden architecture, and established military and artisan-agricultural trades.



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