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The business optimism index HLIPO in Croatia in July was 115.3 points, which is the highest level of business optimism in croatia1.jpgthe last seven months. Since the start of business optimism evaluation, the index was higher only last December, the market research agency Hendal, which makes monthly evaluations of business optimism in cooperation with the business weekly “Lider”, reported last week.In July HLIPO was 5.9 points up from June and 15.3 points up from June 2005. The results indicate a strong growth of optimism in the business community and an economic boom. The growth of business optimism was reported in all five monitored sectors, with construction, commerce and tourism sectors showing the highest values since the start of evaluation. The most optimistic sector was construction, with 128.7 points, 3.8 points up from June.Optimism in tourism jumped by 18.1 points to 121.4 points. Business optimism in tourism increased in relation to July last year by 10.4 points. Optimism in the sector of transport and services went up by 4.4 points to 119.4 points in relation to June. The commercial sector saw a 6.8 point optimism growth, to 107.3 points. In the manufacturing sector HLIPO rose by 2.9 points to 116.1 points. Hendal and Lider weekly started measuring business optimism in June 2005. Their surveys cover 400 big, medium and small businesses in Croatia and the research is based on monthly opinion polls in manufacturing, construction, commerce, transport, services and tourism sectors.



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