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One article in today newspaper remind me to write something obout increase cost of farm energy,so in next few days i will try to illustratesolar_pump.jpg how to spare some money on farm.
Cost-conscious farmers and ranchers have become increasingly aware of the impact that energy has on their bottom line. Energy savings on any farm mean more money in the farmer’s pocket. These savings start with efficiency and conservation.

Besides finding ways to consume less fuels and electricity, many producers are making use of wind, biofuel, biogas, or solar energy on their own farms. Others are generating and exporting energy as a cash crop, for use off the farm.

About a third of all energy used in U.S. agriculture goes to commercial fertilizer and pesticide production, the most energy-intensive of all farm inputs. Many producers are saving money by reducing these “indirect” forms of energy consumption. Finally, over a third of the energy in the U.S. food system goes to processing, packaging, and transporting food. Local food systems can reduce “food miles” and transportation costs, offering significant energy savings.

attra.jpg navodnicil.pngThe vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps – we must step up the stairs.



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