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Winners for 4th Annual World Stupidity Awards Announced


US President Bush wins Award for Being “Most Out of touch with Reality”
Middle East takes Lifetime Achievement Award for Stupidity

bush.jpg Always a contender, US President George W. Bush won the hotly contested new category, the Disinformation Stupidity Award for Being Most out of Touch with Reality. “I think the feeling from voters is that all the nominees, which included Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise and Hilary Clinton, were deserving,” said Spence. “The award, however, went to the person most out of touch with reality, while having the most influence on it.” President Bush was also awarded with his own category this year after voters complained that his presence in the Stupidest Statement category was unfair to other nominees.

The President’s statement that won the Stupidest Statement by President George W. Bush was Bush’s famous Katrina disaster line “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.” It beat out “Wow, Brazil is big!” and even “I am the decider.” Killing people for God won in the category of Stupidest Trend of the Year, followed closely by the media’s tendency towards glibly an nouncing that World War 3 has already begun. The trend towards showing off Ass Cleavage brought up the rear. “Killing people for God was voted a clear victor in this category,” said Spence. “And it probably serves as a reminder to check with your god before murdering innocent people, as most gods will send you directly to hell.” The Middle East itself was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for Stupidity.


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  1. …ah, mala nam je to utjeha…


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