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I have lack of inspiration for some smart post, so here is what Croatian minister of agriculture have to say about……..

3032006150926.jpgGlobalisation knocks at the doors everywhere and consequently it cannot be avoided in Croatia either. Liberalisation in agriculture is the issue often used for intimidation of agricultural producers. In Croatia, as it is already known, they are quite numerous, but considering the fact that, at the same time, their holdings are on the avarge very small, they certainly have reason for their concern.
Gorwing expectations of the consumers regarding the safety and quality of food are becoming an increasing challenge for producers. Beside that, consumers around the world may well expect that only the productions, which take care of the environment and guarantee a sustainable development, will survive.

The advocates of the multifunctionality and I unpretentiously count myself as one of them, expect an on-target support by the state in ensuring adequate working and living conditions in rural areas. At that, strengthening of the role of the market and building of an efficient and competitive economy implicitly include less of the taxpayers’ money for fulfilment of the numerous goals of the agricultural policy. How to realise that? Seemingly, it is almost impossible.

However, on countless occasions in the history the Croatian rural areas demonstrated an extraordinary tenacity and power of endurance. The crossroad, on which the Croatian agriculture is today, imposes numerous questions. Here in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, we belive that we have right answer to the majority of them. Not to all of the questions, of course. As far as some of the questions are concerned, at the moment, nobody can offer an appropriate answer. For example, why is it that some have the right on export subsidy and some have not? Anyhow, I am well aware of the fact that the processes of the economic integration do not have an alternative. Croatia has made a step forward by developing in less than two years free trading zones with as much as thirty countries.

This is our great opportunity to make use of the potential that we undoubtedly have in numerous branches of agriculture, forestry, fishery and water management. The strongest stimulant is provided by European Union, which has practically fully opened its market for us. Taking into account the strategic goal of the Croatian Government and I would dare to say of the majority of Croatian population, coming closer to European Union is going to be the real test for the whole state administration and equally so for our producers. The initiated reform will not be simple and easy. Many tough decisions will have to be made. Knowing that such decisions are inevitable and that they will enable strengthening of the vital structures in agriculture which can cope with the competition on the domestic as well as on the international market, we shall not hesitate to make them. Any further postponement would be disastrous. The hardworking people, farmers and fishermen are the priceless treasure of Croatia.

Finally, I am sure that numerous citizens of the world, who like to visit us, highly appreciate fruits of the earth and seafood that they can enjoy in this corner of Europe.

Petar Čobanković


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  1. zbiljam ti je ponestalo inspiracije…


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