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Here is where financial and legal mechanisms of domination are at play: low
prices for raw materials and agricultural produce, external debt payment, tax
havens, high interest rates, protection and conditions for foreign investors
which favor the export of profits, brain drain to the rich countries, etc. The
World Bank estimates that « Like small-scale farming, should turn in a quarter
of a century into a capitalist cash-crop agriculture. Little does it care about
the environmental and social consequence of single-crop agriculture, or about
land concentration and counter-land reforms taking place on all continents.

portrait.jpgIt is an organized policy of a market regulated in order to favor the interests
of capital. Suffice it to refer to the IMF or the World Bank, where the
decision-making power belongs to those who bring the capital, i.e. to the
industrial countries of the North. India and China together, for instance, do
not reach 5% of the votes. Moreover, the United States – who only have 17%
of the votes, which is less than their real weight in the world economy –
have, by way of an internal clause to these organizations, the right to block
any decision as from 17% of the votes, a true right to veto any decision. So
then, who decides on the orientations of the world economy and where is
good global governance ?

It is thus necessary to radically re-focus institutions so that social priorities
can be at the heart of the economic policy project. This, in turn, means that
the State’s responsibility is to guarantee the conditions necessary to the
exercise of citizenship. Democracy and good governance require the political
participation of citizens in the building of a common society bond.
Democratic States cannot renounce the social interest to strictly follow the
monetary requirements of the market. The human and social aspects cannot
be replaced by the simple logic of competitiveness and efficient productivity
working only towards capital accumulation.



  1. Ahhha to ti je tako bilo i uvijek će biti.Pozdrav Miki!

  2. Znaš, ako se ne zaposlim sve je moguće. Sjednem na vlak, i eto me…pozdrav..


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